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MhhJaJa b2b Barbara B | Yakamoz

MhhJaJa b2b Barbara B | Yakamoz

Here we go, Barbara B is backing up with MhhJaJa and they are joining in with some grooves.
These two are part of Yakamoz k.rew/crew (luv), known for their unique raves in and around town.

Barbara B has a versatile collection ranging from Breaks to Techno, from relatively slow to very fast. She equally loves Techno sound of the 2000s and percussive, drummy rhythms that are influenced by Dubstep, Jungle and Bass.

Splashy 909 HiHats as well as lovely slightly housy chords give MhhJaJa pleasure. His safe-place is within the range of 128-150 bpm garage breaks, 90’s 42Floor Hard House Anthems and once in a while lil cheese – both on CDJ and 1210 turntablism.

They will blend those different styles, staying true to Konnex‘ manner – „mind and genre bending trips“