Do, 22:00 - 00:00 @ Waldbühne // Band

tunnel.visions presents: Ark Noir, Beifer, odizouu

tunnel.visions presents: Ark Noir, Beifer, odizouu

tunnel.visions is a munich-based event-series and an independent record label that releases distinct music focused on experimental and cross-genre currents. tunnel.visionsTM examines various aspects of pop-cultural ZEITGEIST and blends musical styles such as indie/alternative, modern jazz, electronic and classical music.

odizouu awakens when Moritz Stahl goes to sleep. His abstract dears form spheric improvisations and otherworldly soundscapes are ready to be explored by the listener.

Ark Noir
Electronic Alternative Experimental Jazz is how the Munich band Ark Noir describes their sound, which embodies a prototype of post-modern improvisational music. The five-member band might seem like a classic jazz quintet at first glance, but it’s sound is anything but conventional. Its music is sometimes raw and somber, other times rich in depth and texture, and in this way Ark Noir creates its own soundtrack from hypnotic beats and cineastic sonic worlds that invite one to get lost in the Here and Now!

Beifer is the link between the old and the new. He is known for his strong will to create new sound, breaking the boundaries of genres. He combines the analog sounds of the past with the digital world of today, creating a unique sound aesthetic. Since 2020, he has regularly released music featuring virtuoso synthesizer solos. Beifer is an artist who constantly surprises with new ideas and takes his listeners on a musical journey.