Screenprinting Workshop

Waldbühne, Freitag 14:30 – 16:00 Uhr

Screenprinting Workshop with Gina Disobey

consent verb
con·sent | \ kən-ˈsent
consented; consenting; consents
Definition of consent

intransitive verb
1 : to give assent or approval
2 archaic : to be in concord in opinion or sentiment

consent noun

Definition of consent
1 : compliance in or approval of what is done or proposed by another
2 : agreement as to action or opinion specifically

„Consent is like boxing, if Both People do Not Agree to it Then one Person is committing a Crime“

Being drunk doesn’t guarantee consent. Being passed out doesn’t guarantee consent. Reluctance doesn’t guarantee consent. However someone may dress or wherever they may go, YES WILL ALWAYS MEAN YES AND NO WILL ALWAYS MEAN NO. A protest will always be a protest. A cry for help will always be a cry for help.

Sexual violence and assault will continue to be an impending problem unless everyone stands together to do something about it. And that starts, first and foremost, by making yourself as aware as possible.

In this workshop we will screen print togheter a limited edition of tshirts, the „ONLY YES MEANS YES“ tshirt series. to make this happen i need your help!

Do you want to print a tshirt for yourself?
Take a tshirt with you, if you don’t have one you can buy one from me.
The workshop is on a donation basis.
No special skills required.

Always remember:


Stop – means no
Turning away – means no
I don’t want to – means no
Shoving you away – means no
Leave me alone – means no
Not touching you – means no
I’m not ready – means no
Playing dead / not moving – means no
I don’t feel like it – means no
Drunk or drugged – means no
Get away from me – means no
Screaming – means no
Don’t – means no
Crying – means no

YES means one thing only: FREELY GIVEN CONSENT, where BOTH person’s needs, wants and desires are the foundation for the interaction.

Gina Disobey

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