James Beyond

James Beyond’s main drive behind what he does is his passion for music. He has
established himself in the music and cultural scene in a variety of ways over the years – first and foremost as a unique DJ. Since 2005, he has been a staple of the Munich club scene, playing at the likes of MMA, Rote Sonne and Harry Klein and at festivals including Monticule in France and Lighthouse Festival in Croatia. As a DJ, he combines unique sounds from disco, house and techno, often incorporating rarities and unheard gems. He inspires the audience through unusual selections that are always unpredictable, exciting and edgy. After establishing himself as a DJ, James Beyond began organizing festivals like Sinstruct Festival in South Tirol or FNY Festival in Munich. After this, he became the main booker at Registratur, bringing in interesting and unique artists. Additionally as the founder of Red Cabinet, he, along with his longtime friend Maxâge, has brought art, music and cultural events to off-locations throughout Munich. Now he is working as a leader in Event- and Concertmanagement at the industry hall Zenith.

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