Davy Doorn

WeidenDampfer, in der Nacht von Donnerstag auf Freitag 00:00 Uhr – 02:00 Uhr

Techno music with a whole lotta African influence, surrounded by melodic vibes, powerful vocals, heavy percussions and tribal chants. Added smooth and dirty basslines are keeping the circle round.
Two partners in crime and in fine, Davy Ravy and Chuck Jorris, both growing up in Austria, found each other in the city of Innsbruck. Dave’s early Caribbean music days, Joris’ first row rave attendances and various trips to different African countries kinda built the path of their style of music. Addiction to djing and the passion for the energy of dancing makes Davy Doorn create unique vibes on every dancefloor.
As residents at Innsbruck’s infamous arche*ahoi, the duo is already known
throughout the area – continuing their journey through the musical jungle.